Previous Award Recipients

Previous Recipients

2019 IPPA Individual Award Winners

Professional Buyer of the Year – Carrie Champlin, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

Carrie Champlin, Grants/Contracts Officer for Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), current Vice President of Idaho Public Purchasing Association (IPPA), and interim President on behalf of Alyssa Ellington. In the past she was the association’s Director-at-Large from 2016-2017. Carrie has been a member of IPPA since November, 2014 and an NIGP member since 2012. She possesses an Associate Degree in Business Science, which will allow her to pursue her certification in May, 2019. Carrie states, "I took a communications class, which gave me the skills to speak to vendors, coworkers, and other Procurement Professionals effectively." Carrie’s involvement in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in 2018 provided her a “great opportunity to walk with fellow IPPA members while support the brave folks who are facing breast cancer."  Carrie also volunteers her time at the Boise Rescue Mission during the winter holidays.

Carrie has been instrumental in many purchasing process improvements for DEQ staff, which includes; documenting internal processes, train staff members on writing effective solicitation specifications, as well as provide valued support to the Division of Purchasing IT departments related projects. Carrie alongside mentor, Gregory Lindstrom has improved the RFP evaluation process. All her efforts to improve processes has not gone unnoticed. An article in a recent IPPA newsletter references the knowledge she gained from her attendance at the Leadership Symposium. Carrie was recently promoted to the Grants/Contracts Officer within DEQ, so it is no wonder her success has unlocked this award of achievement. Carrie Champlin, your Procurement colleagues commend your success.

Professional Procurement Manager of the Year – Karl Augustine, Ada County Highway District

Karl Timothy Augustine, CPPB is the Procurement and Contracting Administrator for Ada County Highway District and Director-at-Large for the Idaho Procurement Professionals Association (IPPA). Karl has attended multiple conferences, webinars, seminars, and trainings throughout his career that include, but are not limited to; IPPA Reverse Vendor Trade Shows and NIGP forums. Let us not forget to mention the many workshops and panels he has instructed such as: on-going Procurement 101 for Public Works Construction training courses, IPPA Lunch and Learns, and ACHD Staff Orientations to support ACHD’s launch of electronic bidding processes. Mr. Augustine mentions he has, "led the research and preparation efforts for ongoing ACHD training curriculum and is the lead instructor for these trainings for new employees and refresher sessions supported by PCO staff." Amongst the mentioned leadership roles Karl upholds, he also volunteers and serves his community through Cub Scouts leadership, assists with sound engineering for Music Week Performance Recordings, and sits as a member on the ACHD Social Committee.

Karl’s passion for music has produced a bond between him and his twin grandsons, Robert and Zachary. Karl mentions the following, "I spend significant time mentoring them and playing music. Aside from my band performances, I have had basic ‘jam sessions’ with them at my home studio. We are getting closer to playing songs. And, above all we are bonding and surely having fun."  Through his lively character and fun personality it’s no wonder he holds the ACHD Certificate of Merit (September 2011 and September 2016), NIGP Certified Professional Public Buyer (October 2016), ACHD Sustained Superior Performance Award (December 2011, November 2013, December 2017), and ACHD Supervisor of the Quarter (October through December 2018). Karl is a well-respected individual amongst fellow colleagues and other professionals throughout the state of Idaho due to his willingness to provide guidance to different surrounding entities. Karl Augustine has reflected qualities of true Procurement Manager, which is the reason he has been chosen as this year’s Professional Procurement Manager.

Frank Pierce "Founders Award" – Robyn Swaney, Ada Couty Procurement

Robyn Swaney is a Certified Professional Public Buyer for Ada County Procurement. Robyn has been an ongoing member of both the National Institution of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) and Idaho Public Purchasing Association (IPPA) since the start of her career with the County in 2015. Robyn is a supporter of NIGP because of her promotion and sponsorship to the profession. As a result of NIGP’s benefits to its members, Robyn has attended the NIGP Forum and NIGP’s Chapter Academy in February of this year. She has also attended PTAC ISBS for three consecutive years, as well as Skillpath Seminars. Robyn participated in IPPA’s sponsored team for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in 2018 and volunteers at the Boise Rescue Mission Ministries Christmas Banquet. Through her motivation to serve the community she also has enthusiasm to promote the public procurement profession with others she associates with. Robyn provided some insight to her spreading the word, "I promote the public procurement profession by telling them what it’s all about (because they usually have no idea what the word means) …and what IPPA is. People always think it’s interesting what we do once they find out more about it." We now can understand why Robyn upholds the role of IPPA Communications Chair because of her consistency at brainstorming “new and interesting ways to market the group’s classes, events, and mission.” Robyn stays busy by communicating the association’s occurrences via website, emails, and through social media platforms.

Between Robyn’s busy schedule with IPPA and Ada County she still finds time to improve IPPA by-laws and policies/procedures, as well as refining Ada County’s Procurement’s training to coincide with current legislation; not to mention she also presents in conjunction with her most significant mentor, Bob Perkins, the restructured training courses within her establishment. It is recognizable how much pride Robyn takes in her work by the on-going list of seminars, webinars, and training classes she has attended.

Robyn truly defines what NIGP as well as IPPA stand for; ethical principles and a person of integrity.  Robyn stated, "I strive to base my professional decisions on whether or not they are ethical in my eyes and stick to the same standards across the board. I most definitely have a passion for the organization and want to see its presence stay around Idaho. I also want to figure out the best way to include other members throughout the rest of the state, which is one of my personal goals as a member of IPPA." Robyn defines and demonstrates what the Frank Pierce "Founders Award" is meant to signify: inspiration, leadership, and professionalism.

2018 IPPA Individual Award Winners

Professional Buyer of the Year – Gregory Lindstrom, State of Idaho Division of Purchasing

Professional Procurement Manager of the Year – Tina McBride, Idaho State Police

Frank Pierce "Founders Award" – Alyssa Ellington, Ada County Procurement

2017 IPPA Individual Award Winners

Professional Buyer of the Year - Alyssa Ellington, Ada County Procurement

Professional Procurement Manager of the Year - Colin Millar, City of Boise

Frank Pierce "Founders Award" - Bob Perkins, Ada County Procurement