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COVID-19 Resources

Apr. 6, 2020

To support our members during this trying time, we would like to connect you with some supply and other COVID-19-related resources:


NIGP has created a webpage dedicated to some resources and helpful webinars:

Idaho Specific Resources:

  • Coble Company
    • Hand Sanitizer
  • Complete Office
    • Disinfectant 
  • Hand Sanitizer (from various local wineries & breweries!)
  • Interstate Plastics
    • Sneeze Guards
  • Promoshop
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Social Distancing Decals/Signage


State of Idaho:

The Department of Administration has been authorized to source certain protective supplies for Idaho state and public agencies to help employees be able to return/continue to work safely. The Division of Purchasing is working with the state’s central postal operation to source and distribute masks, gloves, and sanitizer as detailed here.

  • DOP is working to source “MGS”:
    • Masks (disposable 3ply/surgical masks and reusable cloth masks)
    • Gloves (disposable nitrile gloves in various sizes)
    • Sanitizer (bulk containers of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes/spray)
  • The Department will be standing up a website where agencies can see the supplies that are being sourced and submit a requisition for needed supplies
  • Central Postal will distribute supplies as they become available and will invoice the public agency for the cost of the supplies and shipping.


If you are interested in participating in the state’s MGS program, please identify one representative within your agency to complete the MGS Demand Estimation Form (from email sent out on DOP listserv) and return it to Quinn Shea ([email protected]).

Website: []

PPE Suppliers:

  • Amazon Business
  • Brady Industries
    • Masks - KN95 & surgical masks as of 4/20/20
  • Fastenal
    • Disinfectants
    • Face Shields
    • Hand Sanitizer
      • Sani 62 Instant Hand Sanitizer
      • Quart sizes available as of 4/22/20
    • Masks
    • Protective Coveralls 
  • Grainger
  • Pure Vita Co.
    • Disposable, surgical, and KN-95 masks
    • Other medical supplies such as gowns
    • Kevin Lawhorn, [email protected]
  • Staples
    • They have been quite helpful as of late with disinfectant products (wipes, spray, hand sanitizer, etc.)
  • Waxie
  • Zamp


We will be updating the list as more up-to-date resources become available. Please contact our Communications Chair, Robyn Swaney, at [email protected] if there are additional resources you would like us to include, especially ones specific to Idaho.